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To maximize sales and ROI for you and your shareholders, thereby accelerating our mutual path to financial freedom.

20 years of revenue generating experience in 8 diverse technology companies working primarily in the areas of Sales and Marketing:

Media Sales (2002 - 2006) Sell wide variety of online media for Internet's #1 Real Estate Portal.
Digital Imaging (2000-2001) Repositioned business strategy for GP Color, a prominent Hollywood imaging house.
eCRM (1999-2000) Identified and helped close key sales targets for PeopleSupport, a major Siebel partner.
eCommerce (1997-99) As sole proprietor, built all aspects of website and sold business to major cataloger.
Retail Software (1996-97) Captured top retail accounts for software publisher in hyper-competitive 1996 market.
B2B Distribution (1991-95) Doubled client base each year for provider of CD-ROM software to libraries.
Value Added Reseller (1989-90) Sold Intel's first DVI chipset and authoring tools to key application developers.

20 years total computing experience with core skills in Doubleclick Dart, Real Media's Open Ad Server, Ad Relevance, Nielsen Net Ratings, Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Explorer), MacOS, NetAgent, Siebel, Goldmine, Crystal Reports, HomeSite, HTML, Filemaker Pro, Photoshop, FTP, Quicken, MacAuthorize, Compupic Content Management System, Olympus CamMedia, image scanning and all aspects of digital photography. In addition to these core applications, I have reviewed hundreds of other applications and websites in the areas of information retrieval, courseware and general multimedia.

1. Account Executive: Homestore, Inc now aka "" - Westlake Village, CA (June, 2002 - March, 2006)
• Joined high-profile "" turnaround opportunity as Account Executive for the Internet's leading real estate portal.
• Booked over $4,000,000 in media sales with over 275 closed deals.
#8226 Closed over 100 customized sales including online media, directories, direct mail and print advertising.
• Exceeded and led most salesfloor metrics including total number of opportunities, sales, total calls and call time.
• Optimized ad campaigns and consulted to wide variety of clients such as Overstock, FinancialAid and Photoworks.
Results: Company continues remarkable turnaround process.

2. Strategic Sales Adviser & Business Development Consultant: GP Color Imaging - Hollywood, CA (November, 2000 - May, 2002)
Mission: To convert 35-year-old family business to 100% digital services in the face of technological and
marketplace challenges.
• Consulted for imaging company, which produces custom output from Epson, Vutek, Durst, and Heidelberg printers.
• Key clients included Amgen, Mattel, Porchlight Entertainment, Ogilvy and Mather and Sony Digital Entertainment.
• Aided search for equity financing by crafting business plans and executive summaries for presentation to bankers and investors.
• Reduced Accounts Receivable by $800,000, nearly 75%, in 3 months by engaging directly in collections on scores of unpaid accounts.
• Installed and documented JobTracker by JPR Engineering, a digital workflow network comprising 90,000 FilemakerPro elements.
• Updated business plan and qualified seed investors for, a web-hosting startup affiliate of GP Color.
Results: In October, 2001, the company successfully transitioned to new ownership and management.

3. Inside Sales Manager/Account Manager: PeopleSupport - Westwood, CA (July, 1999 - November, 2000)
Mission: To become the leading provider of outsourced and real-time customer service to e-commerce merchants.
• Joined industry leading startup, which grew from 45 to over 1000 employees in a year with
$75 million in funding.
• Managed as many as twelve accounts and grew billing to exceed $100,000 per month.
• Key accounts included Brother Mall, eMemories, MGM, Intertainer, DotTV, Jackpot, Innuity and Yupi.
• Coordinated all aspects of Client Services including the PS Training, Operations, and Technology Groups.
• Managed Inside Sales Team: established territories, identified target markets and trained team members.
• Trained on Net Agent 3.0, Siebel CRM, MS Project, and Scope of Work assessments.
Results: PeopleSupport is now profitable with over 1000 "e-Reps" in Manila.

4. President, Sales Director: Maximum Bandwidth - Hollywood, CA (1997-1999)
Mission: To identify and cultivate fertile niche product categories for retail software.
• Acquired former employer's software resale division with focus on consumer science-fiction software and quickly doubled revenue.
• Designed website and grew traffic through linking, indexing, and other guerrilla marketing tactics, generating 100,000+ page views per month.
• Key vendors included
Simon & Schuster, Microprose, Interplay, Activision, Q Voice Biometric Computer Security and Sound Source.
• Serviced hundreds of loyal customers throughout the world; 40% of all business was repeat business.
Results: Sold business for cash and royalties to Brainstorm Direct Marketing of Reading, PA in June 1999.

5. Director of Sales and Marketing: Global MediaNet Corp. - West Los Angeles, CA (1995-1997)
Mission: Foremost, to gain shelf space in retail market where there was ten times as much product as shelf space.
• Led worldwide sales and marketing campaign for full line of consumer retail software.
• Generated revenue via multiple sales channels: retail, the Internet, space ads, direct mail, OEM bundles, mail order and trade shows.
• Negotiated make or break agreement and hired
Encore Software as Sales Representatives for company's first product.
• Captured shelf space for company's first product in 750+ retail stores including: Best Buy, CompUSA, EB, Fry's, Borders, and J&R.
• Managed accounts with national software distributors including Ingram Micro, Navarre, B&T, and MicroCentral.
Results: Due to market conditions, GMN changed its strategic focus and ceased software operations by 1997.

6. Vice President, CD-ROM Database and Software Sales: Updata Publications Inc. - Westwood, CA (1991-1995)
Mission: To be the leading turnkey provider of independently distributed databases and software applications delivered on CD-ROM.
• Generated over $6 million in sales from 1991 to 1995; achieved 100% sales increase from 1992 to 1993.
• Sold over 3,500 different CD-ROM titles to client base of 5,000 government, Fortune 500, university and school libraries including:
The Aerospace Corporation, Rockwell International,
UC Santa Barbara and the Los Angeles Public Library.
• Supplied multiple government agencies with both CD-ROM software and hardware systems including:
the US Senate, the US A.I.D, the Veterans Administration, the Naval Weapons and Research Labs and American embassies worldwide.
• Negotiated and maintained dealerships with over 500 CD-ROM product vendors including:
Microsoft, Time Warner, Paramount, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Broderbund, Silver Platter, Knight Ridder and Voyager.
• Top selling databases included PsycLit, Medline, Biosis, EiCompendex, Thomas Register and Jane's Information.
• Used Spanish proficiency; closed $200,000 sale to El Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa.
• Designed, produced and outsourced company's first searchable Website and electronic catalog.
Results: After more than 20 years in business, Updata was sold to Queue, Inc, an educational software publisher, in 1996.

7. Sales Manager, DVI Products: Network Technology Corp. - Springfield, VA (1989-1990)
Mission: To identify new customers for authoring tools and premiere digital video board sets.
• Launched the sale of Intel's DVI i750 Technology, the first chipset capable of 640 x 480, 30 frame-per second, video playback.
• Coordinated OEM relationships with Intel's Princeton Operation, IBM, and AT&T Computer Systems.
• Key client application developers included Bethlehem Steel,
Southwest Research Institute and Bell Labs.
Results: Despite some market inroads, company ceased operations in 1991.
References: Mr. Michael J. Keeler, former Development Manager, now Pres., Ecologic Leasing

USC, Marshall School of Business, On deferred leave from candidacy for MBA. 1999
Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service Washington, DC: B.S. Foreign Service in International Politics, 1989. GPA: 3.0
Studied under future Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick.
Board certified proficient in Spanish language.
Pontificia Universidad del Ecuador: Completed university coursework in Spanish during study abroad. 1988
Productivity Point, Los Angeles, CA: Advanced HTML, Basic Excel, Int. Photoshop (2.5 CEUs), 1999.
Harvard School, North Hollywood, CA: President, Debate Team - the country's largest, 6 AP Courses - 1985.
The tradeshows I have attended constitute an education unto themselves.

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